Entrepreneur at 78, Dadi Turns Passion for Crochet Into a Business

Sheela Bajaj

Age is just a number, and Sheela Bajaj from Delhi who started her crochet business at the age of 78 is the epitome of this philosophy.

Sheela, who has been crafting crochet sweaters for her family for years, rekindled her skill and turned it into a business during the pandemic-induced lockdown.

It was her granddaughter Yukti Bajaj’s idea to start a business showcasing her skills, knitting incredible pieces of art.

Thus in November 2020, Sheela launched her crochet business on Instagram under the handle name — CaughtCraftHanded. While she took up the responsibility of manufacturing and marketing, her granddaughter Yukti handled the finances and logistics department.

From pillow and cushion covers to bookmarks, clothes for children, sweaters, bottles and mug warmers, scarves, headbands and even foot and ankle warmers — she knits it all.

It was a proud moment for Sheela, who then earned her first paycheck of Rs 350. “It was a feeling that I had never felt before. I felt so proud and independent that I just wanted to dance,” says Sheela. She now gets orders from across the world.

Today, the demand for her products are 10 times the supply.

Watch the inspiring story of this gritty grandmother here:

Author: Aaron Ryan