Class 11 Student Builds Solar Cycle To Water Plants & Irrigate Fields Without Pump

Rachana Bodagu

Rachana Bodagu, a Class 11 student from Bengaluru, has come up with an innovation of a solar cycle that helps farmers pump water into their fields without using any fuel or electricity.

Along with her mentor and water warrior Anand Malligavad, Rachana has been working on the rejuvenation of Bengaluru’s Kommasandra Lake. They also planted a Miyawaki forest of 2,000 plants around the lake.

Soon, they realised that watering plants daily was a laborious task. As a solution to this, Rachana came up with the idea of building an eco-friendly solar cycle that could pump water from the river easily.

She spent around Rs 1 lakh from her savings and built the solar panel fitted cycle with the help of Mr Malligavad.

“My vision for this solar cycle is to make it more cost-friendly so that the farmers can use it throughout the day without using any fuel or electricity,” says Rachana who now plans to develop more such cycles using CSR funds and make them available to more people.

Watch her innovation at work here:

Author: Aaron Ryan